Best Women’s Pajamas

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The history of pajamas

Before talking about the best women’s pajamas let’s see the history of this piece.

Until the 19th century, the whole of Europe wore nightgowns, tailored similarly but with small details different in the models for women than those for men. In general, both variants were straight, knee-length and split on the side, with long, curly sleeves and a chest adorned with various embroideries. Beginning in the 1870s and 1880s, British colonialists stationed in India adopted the wearing of garments called “paejama,” “epai-jaima,” or “paijama,” most likely because the Victorian clothing brought in their travel chests was too thick for the temperatures. Asians), and soon the pajamas – a tunic or shirt, accompanied by a pair of wide pants, tied at the waist – become a nightgown for the male population. And women? What were the women wearing in bed, while the men were huddled in the bedroom in their cute and sober pajamas?

Well, it seems that this question – what women are allowed to wear in the bedroom – has given rise to public debate and moments of moral panic, especially in the Victorian era. Those long unisex and oversized nightgowns, which the collective consciousness visualizes due to the screenings after Dickens, Tolstoy, Eyre or Zola, dressed the women in a kind of shapeless bag, which completely covered any physical feature, turning them into pseudo- children: arms, shoulders, breasts, knees, ankles, back, everything was completely covered.
And then, because it is not in vain that we associate France with seduction, l’amour and frivolities, women’s nightgowns began to be adorned with French Chantilly lace. With ivory, mother-of-pearl, enameled or ebony buttons. With satin and velvet ribbons.

In her essay entitled A History of Sleepwear, Yvette Mahé writes that the above-mentioned frivolities were not well received by the pillars of society, who interpreted these extravagant women as a sign of their moral depravity, contrary to the highest principles of modesty. time “. In other words, nightwear became an awkward issue of morality, because it made men think about what women do in the bedroom and therefore what most people do in bed. On the one hand, sleep is the most innocent activity. On the other hand, in bed people have sex, and sex means depravity, and women who have sex or those who like sex are a threat to society’s customs…What a moral dilemma, isn’t it? However, progress was inevitable, censorship was done only by the eyes of the world, and the late 1890s also meant an explosion of Victorian pornography (photographs, books with erotic illustrations, engravings) to all of Europe, but also a fashion of kits. The bride, in which the nightgowns become translucent, has a cropped or bare back and are variously decorated.

In parallel, the suffrages, and the first indications of female emancipation appeared, it is too early to call it “feminism”. But by 1920 women gained the right to vote, earn a living on their own, could travel and live in the city without being married. The First World War, then the Second World War, showed that when men “disappear” from society for a while, women continue to do just fine, thank you very much. At the same time, “the flapper girls” appeared, who danced until dawn, drove cars, drank cocktails, smoked and blushed in public, but especially wore straight dresses with fringes, which revealed their knees and thighs to the rhythm of Charleston. Young women who were too poor to drink champagne or buy satin dresses and those who lived too far from bright and effervescent cities were content to go to the movies and catch a movie with Clara Bow. Which, for them, had become a landmark of the new femininity because she was a sort of Carrie Bradshaw of that era.
Fashion continued, throughout the twentieth century, to move in sync with the waves of feminism. Each time, the style – lengths, cuts, volumes – was adjusted accordingly, whether we are talking about the fashion of the steamy and exotic caftans from the ’70s, or (no further than last year) of pajamas worn on the street.

How do we choose pajamas correctly?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so if we say things by name, it really matters how you choose your pajamas. And nowadays, it is all the more difficult as there are so many models, materials, sizes and colors, that it seems like you would always prefer to stay with that wide T-shirt you had in high school and a pair of yoga pants. But there comes a time in any woman’s life when she needs and deserves a real pajama, which is both comfortable and beautiful.
But how do you choose the perfect pajamas, when you have so many options at hand? Well, if you follow the tips in this article, you will be able to choose the perfect pajamas for you in just a few simple steps!
Material – the most important asset
Your sleep should be peaceful, and you should feel extremely comfortable, therefore, your pajamas should be made of a soft, pleasant to the touch material, which will keep you warm and let your skin breathe. Cotton, silk or flannel is some of the most popular materials that meet all the conditions for a good and restful sleep.
When it comes to pajamas you can choose special textures, from some very fine to some very fluffy. We like pajamas made of fine cotton, satin or natural silk, but also those made of lace. Before deciding whether or not you prefer to sleep in your pajamas, it may be best to choose the model you like knowingly, knowing the advantages of each model of pajamas for women.
The size of the pajamas
If you also think that a wider pajama, with two larger numbers, will be more comfortable, well, nothing more fake. Nightwear should be chosen according to the size you are wearing. Thus, it will not be too tight and uncomfortable, and during the night it will stay well on your body and will protect you from the cold.

Best women’s pajamas

Fortunately, the current market offers a multitude of options related to the best women’s pajamas 2020. Whether you love your pajama sets or you like to sleep in a nightgown, whether they are made of cotton, satin, lace, viscose or natural silk or are wide, short or fluffy, a perfect pajama 2020 is part of our life. day by day. We all love comfort and nothing to the detriment of it. When we talk about pajamas we like to choose something that is more than comfortable, something with style. It’s a shame to sleep at random, in something that doesn’t relax you and calm you down after a long day at work. When it comes to pajamas you can choose special textures, from some very fine to some very fluffy. We like pajamas made of fine cotton, satin or natural silk, but also those made of lace. Before deciding whether or not you prefer to sleep in your pajamas, it may be best to choose the model you like knowingly, knowing the advantages of each model of pajamas for women:

Pajamas with long pants

In this category of pajamas, the emphasis is on pants regardless of the material. Often these pajama pants for women, because they are very comfortable, are more used at home around the house and not necessarily for sleeping, especially if the house is warm. Pajamas with long pants are preferred by people with cold or poor circulation, by people with temporary health problems, such as colds, pregnant women.

 Pajamas with shorts

Here we are talking about models of summer pajamas with shorts, above the knee or very short. The difference is made by the top depending on the season. For summer you will choose pajamas with a top with thin straps or a T-shirt, and in the colder season you will choose long-sleeved blouses or shirt-type blouses.

Pajamas without pants

This category includes nightgowns, from very sexy to very simple. And here there are summer and winter variants, from “spaghetti” straps to long sleeves. And depending on the season, the materials differ from thin cotton knits, with possible messages or funny designs, to more or less transparent silk or satin pajamas, with lace inserts.

Whole pajamas

This type of pajamas is inspired by baby outfits, because it is a one-piece garment that opens at the front with a zipper. This model of full pajamas is ideal for cold people.

Suggestions for choosing pajamas depending on the season and style

The ideal pajamas is the one in which you feel most comfortable. But you can’t overlook the way it looks. Choosing the perfect pajamas is not so easy, because they are found in many models, styles and colors.
For a peaceful sleep you need a suitable atmosphere, but it is also important what you choose to wear in bed. From the material from which a pajama is made, to the prints, every detail counts.
Colored pajamas – Whether you choose colorful pajamas with shorts or long pants, you can play with the shades as you wish! You will go to bed every night with a smile on your face, because what we wear, even in bed, influences our mood. For as relaxed and colorful nights as possible, you can choose a pajama with a pink blouse and pants with a floral print or a model that will make you think of childhood, not only by color, but also by the animal printed on the blouse. And also in terms of colors, you should not miss a red pajamas in the closet. You can choose a provocative model, but also a comfortable cotton pajamas will highlight your femininity.
Nightgowns – Even though pajamas have gradually replaced nightgowns, these sleepwear are very practical and comfortable and more than that, they are coming back in force. You can wear nightgowns regardless of the season and you can choose both short-sleeved and long-sleeved models. Simple, with geometric patterns, floral prints or cute animals, nightgowns are a perfect choice for a restful sleep.
Chic pajamas – A chic pajamas will always stand out in detail. A special combination of colors, dark or neutral shades and small accessories such as satin bows, lace or a generous neckline of the pajama blouse or very short and sexy pants are all details that we can find in a chic, ideal pajamas. to be worn by women with an attitude, always confident in themselves and their qualities.

Best Women’s Pajamas suggestions:

PajamaGram Pajama Set for Women – Cotton Jersey Pajamas Women

This wonderful pajama is very soft and well made. The fabric is the perfect weight for year-round comfort. These pajamas are worth every penny.

Main features:

  • high quality
  • very soft
  • comfortable
  • button- up front with chest pocket
  • elastic, drawstring waist

U.S. Polo Assn. Womens Short Sleeve Shirt and Long Pajama Pants Sleepwear Set

Comfy pajamas not too tight or too big. These pants have a loose fit ankle elastic and soft waistband, also the fabric is super soft.

Main features:

  • comfy pj
  • elastic band
  • great material
  • wonderful design

PJ Salvage Women’s Pajama Set

Wonderful and comfy whole pajamas with front panel patch pockets and elasticized waistband.

Main features:

  • front panel patch pockets
  • elasticized waistband with functional draw cord
  • cute patterns
  • classic flannel pajama

U.S. Polo Assn. Women’s 2 Piece Racerback Tank Top and Shorts Pajama Sleepwear Set

Sporty tank top features a relaxed fit and is finished with the USPA printed across the chest. You will love this pjs set. The waistband isn’t binding and the whole thing is a soft material that is perfect for sleeping or just lounging around the house.

Main features:

  • feminine design
  • 2 piece set
  • 2 pockets
  • very comfortable
  • super soft
  • super cute
  • adorable look

Ekouaer Sleepwear Womens Nightgown Sexy Sleep Shirt Dress V Neck Short Sleeve Lace Trim Soft Nightshirt

Very comfy and cute little nighty. The fabric is soft, flexible and the lace isn’t sharp, very soft also. Overall, it’s cute and soft on your skin.

Main features:

  • superior material
  • skin friendly
  • ultra-soft sleep dress
  • light weight

Natori Women’s Dynasty Pajama Set

This is a quality and luxury pj, with outstanding features. Not only beautiful, but light weight and helps you keep cool at night. The prints are fabulous and made well. Extraordinary workmanship without doubt.

Main features:

  • absorbs moisture
  • 100% Polyester
  • drawstring closure
  • printed satin

Nautica Women’s 2 Piece Fleece Pajama Sleepwear Set

These are very nice pjs and seem well made and very soft. They are not only warm, but they are also extremely comfortable. As with most clothing by Nautica, these pajamas are very well made with quality workmanship and stitching.

Main features:

  • functional drawstring waistband
  • side pant pockets
  • well made
  • very soft
  • comfortable

U.S. Polo Assn. Womens Long Sleeve Shirt with Cuffed Pajama Pants Sleep Set

The material is thin, breathable, stretchy, and so soft. And of course they are super cute.

Main features:

  • elastic waistband
  • comfy
  • very soft
  • breezy fabric
  • material is thin, breathable, stretchy

Avidlove Women’s Shorts Pajama Set Short Sleeve Sleepwear Nightwear

This classic set is perfect for lounging around the house – even when guests are present. Nice gift for your loved ones. We trust that this pjs set will not disappoint you. The material is very soft and you will absolutely love the these comfortable jammies .

Main features:

  • stretchy elastic waistband
  • comfortable
  • very comfortable

PajamaGram Womens PJs Cotton Capris – Womens Pajamas Set

These are really cute pajamas. Slightly stretchy for added comfort. The pajamas were sewn beautifully.

Main features:

  • light and cozy
  • cropped pants with an elastic waist with satin drawstring
  • 100 % double brushed cotton jersey

PajamaGram Womens Pajama Sets Cotton – Pajamas for Women

Featuring cute, comfortable pjs with eye-catching detail and a short-sleeve tee with a small chest pocket, these precious pajamas bring joy to the nightly routine.

Main features:

  • notched collar and chest pocket
  • capri pajama bottoms
  • short-sleeve boyfriend top with button front

Ekouaer Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Sleepwear Womens Button Down Nightwear Soft Pj Lounge Sets

The material is very soft, slinky, and light. It’s not super warm, could be an excellent solution for the summer and fall.

Main features:

  • lightweight
  • quality material
  • only hand wash
  • super soft
  • side pockets

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Thermal Long Sleeve Ski Pajama Set Pj

Two-piece waffle-knit pajama set featuring a fun pattern and a five-button placket at crew neckline. This Pj set is made very well and fits perfect.

Main features:

  • pull On closure
  • contrast cuffs and neckline
  • thermal fabric
  • incredibly soft
  • comfortable

Calvin Klein Women’s Retro Sleep Set

This retro top and bottom set is made with extra soft cotton stretch for flexible, breathable comfort. For sure we are talking about a qualitative fabric and beautiful design.

Main features:

  • extra soft cotton stretch
  • varsity stripe logo on chest
  • hook and Eye closure
  • pull-on shorts
  • quality fabric

Hotouch Nightgown Womens Cotton Night Shirt for Sleeping Sleepwear Short Sleeve Cute Print Sleep Shirts

Great thick material that will hide any areas you don’t want seen. It’s so soft and lightweight and perfect for summer and not only.

Main features:

  • pull on closure
  • letter print home loungwear
  • short Sleeve

Olivia Von Halle Women’s Lila PJ Set

In just a few words this is a luxury and qualitative pj for women, could be a fantastic piece for a comfortable and amazing night.

Main features:

  • satin fabric
  • collared neck and long sleeves
  • luxury pj
  • hand wash or dry clean

Hotouch Women’s Pajama Set Stylish Print O-Neck Short Sleeves Top with Capri Pants Sleepwear Pjs Sets

The material is super soft and comfortable. Very comfortable and comfortable for sleeping.

Main features:

  • 2 Piece Sleepwear Set
  • fashion geometric print pattern
  • lightweight
  • hand-wash Max Temperature 40°C

Eberjey Women’s Long Sleeve Short Pj Set

Classic menswear styling, but loaded with feminine touches and silky softness. Looks great and will make you feel very comfy.

Main features:

  • long sleeve, button down top
  • functional pocket
  • hand wash
  • pull on short with elastic waistband

Our Own Ultrafine Black Italian Cotton Womens Pajamas

Great material and absolutely fabulous design. All in one a marvelous pj for women.

Main features:

  • elegant Black with Regal Red Piping
  • great fabric
  • very comfy
  • button closure

PJ Salvage Women’s Lounge Long Sleeve Crewneck Top, Ivory

Amazing pj with super soft fabric and absolutely fantastic design. You will surely love it.

Main features:

  • long sleeve top with drop shoulder
  • super soft fabric
  • very nice design

HANRO Women’s Valea Long Sleeve Pajama Set

Luxurious sleepwear. Highest-quality fabric with a soft and silky feel and a beautiful natural shine.

Main features:

  • covered elastic waistband
  • silky feel
  • nice design

Splendid Women’s Button Up Long Sleeve Top and Bottom Satin Pajama Set Pj

Very high quality posh jammies. These are very pretty, very soft pajamas. The print is very nice.

Main features:

  • 2 piece pajama set
  • mid-rise waist
  • soft

Equipment Women’s Lillian Starry Night PJ Set

These luxurious, star-print silk Equipment pajamas have a classic look with contrast piping. For sure we are talking about a quality and fascinating pj for women.

Main features:

  • 100% Silk
  • piping accents
  • matching shorts with a drawstring tie

PJ Salvage Women’s Lounge Short Sleeve Tee

Great quality fabric and soft, a real pleasure to wear it. Also it is a a durable piece.

Main features:

  • rolled sleeves
  • very cute
  • rib neck band

PJ Salvage Women’s Pajama Set

A fun and classic flannel pajama set for those cozy nights. They are comfortable with a very nice pattern.

Main features:

  • 100% Cotton
  • embroidery detail at inner cuff
  • elasticized waistband

PajamaGram Womens PJs Cotton Capris – Womens Pajamas Set

You’ll feel cute and comfy in the PajamaGram Pin Dot Capri Pajamas. They are so comfortable and well made.

Main features:

  • sleeveless scoop neck top
  • straight hem
  • made from 100 % double brushed cotton jersey

Munki Munki Ladies’ Flannel PJ Set

The flannel is soft and the design is outstanding. You will love it. Very good value for the money.

Main features:

  • super soft breathable flannel
  • contrast print on cuffs
  • front side seam pockets on pant

Ladieshow Silk Pajamas for Women,Long Sleeve Satin Pj Set Sleepwear Ladies Soft Button Down Nightwear Loungewear

This pj is made of the 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, it is with light weight, soft and comfortable, durable and elegant.

Main features:

  • ergonomic H-shaped loose design
  • soft and comfortable
  • very pretty color

PJ Salvage Women’s Long Sleeve Super Soft Modal Pajama Set

These PJs are extremely soft to the touch. The material is soft and it is comfy.

Main features:

  • pull on closure
  • breast pocket with embroidery detail
  • 95% Modal, 5% Elastane

Nautica Women’s Capri Pj Set

Comfy cotton jammies made from soft fabric and very durable.

Main features:

  • drawstring closure
  • easy relax fit
  • very lightweight