Best Women’s Blazers 2020

Blazer 2020 – Key Piece

The blazer is one of the key pieces of our wardrobe. Originally created as an office piece, the black blazer has seen a real revival in recent years. Designers, stylists or fashionistas have reinvented it in its own way and in its style and included it in cocktail, formal or weekend outfits.

Only An Office Item ?

Until recently, the blazer was strictly regarded as an office piece. Today, he complements our most varied outfits, from casual ones to sophisticated cocktail dresses.
Whether you’re wearing a distressed pair of jeans or an evening dress, a black or navy blazer can hold your jacket, while giving you a modern, clean and elegant look. Of course, you should not limit yourself to black. There are plenty of blazer variants in a variety of cuts, textures and prints that will enrich your wardrobe.

Classic Blazer

Now is the best time to take a little out of the classic area and wear it to casual outfits. Pair it with jeans or loose fit pants and sneakers, with midi skirts in steamy materials and kitten heel shoes.

White Blazer

I noticed that many women avoid wearing the white jacket, which is a mistake. The white jacket, like the black one, should not be missing from our wardrobe. It is very versatile and looks good with both jeans and sneakers and a pair of flared trousers and heeled shoes.

Arched Blazer

It’s a piece you definitely have in the wardrobe. Wear it as in the example above, or with a long knit skirt and socks.

Dress Blazer

What is cool about this blazer is that you can wear it with a skirt, a pair of high-waisted three-quarter pants, but also as a basic piece, without any other supporting part and it will look good in any version.

Oversized Blazer

Wear it with jeans, dresses and midi skirts, it works literally with any piece you now have in the wardrobe – yes, and with the shorts you wear to the room! It looks tremendously in so many combinations. Do not be afraid to let your mind to be creative.