Best Women’s Bathing Suit 2015-2016

Any woman who loves to be trendy is careful with her bathing suit. Obviously there are many aspects related to your personal style and also the shape of your body (for example chubbier women should better choose vertical striped bathing suits).
In our days there are many models of bathing suits on the market.
Here are some tips that you should follow when you want to wear a bathing suit:
– If you have small breasts and you wish it will look bigger you should choose push-up bras or in a triangular shape. Also, if the bra has frills and prints like the floral one for example, it will add the illusion of more volume.
– For the women with large hips, a very good option is the bathing suit in one piece, in a dark color. You can choose one in a brighter shade on the upper part and in a darker shade on the bottom which will create a balance to your silhouette.
– In the case that your abs are not as you wished they would be, you can wear a bathing suit with a high waist line or on in only one piece.

bathing suit 2015-2016

2015-2016 bathing suit

2015 bathing suit

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