Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

Sport is absolutely amazing and it is part of our daily activity. Running is great and it is very important to have the right shoes, the best ones for running, especially when we are talking about concrete. For such a surface, it is necessary an extra support and cushioning. Due to concrete characteristic your shoes are very important. Try to look for: shock absorbent, cushioned midsole, supportive arch system and slightly rounded sole.

As humans, we want to be lean and fit. We want to work at ease every day, without any qualms, and to continue to look good.
The company says that if you run you need certain types of shoes. They say things like; this is the shoe you need to look good! Or another ad says comfort is one hundred percent guaranteed!
Advertisements try to convince you that everyone has the same feet. Yet that is not the reality we face in this world. No pair of shoes is the perfect fit for everyone.
Everyone is different. Shoes are just one of the ways we express our individuality. Life is too short to listen to what society thinks is best for you.
These are your feet! Wear what works for you! For example, I, as a runner, don’t run the same as everyone else, my body doesn’t sink like someone does.
Many people buy a pair of running shoes and wear the same shoes when running on the track, on grass or on concrete. It is very important to wear good running shoes when you run, especially if you are running on a harder surface such as concrete. It is also important to wear a perfectly fitting shoe.

If you don’t know how to choose a good running shoe, take a cue from us. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best running shoes for concrete surfaces.

Better Suspension
A soft interior like a marshmallow
The design includes a little taper up at the toe and heel
The improved rebound provides a smooth feel.

Best light
It weighs only 224 gr
FlexFilm covers are extremely breathable and flexible
As they are light, they are ideal for long journeys.

Better comfort
Uses super DNA foam
Rubber offers incredible flexibility
Plush transition area provides great transition
Understand the difference between walking and running shoes

A lot of people don’t pay attention to the fact that walking and running are not the same. The walking shoes are stiff. On the other hand, running shoes are flexible. They come with additional cushioning in order to absorb shock and protect the knees.

Also, the running shoes are divided into concrete running shoes, track running shoes, artificial running shoes, etc.

Find a perfect fit

A perfectly fitting running shoe is a joy. Here’s how you can buy a perfectly fitting running shoe:
When you run, your feet tend to dilate. So, to accommodate it, there should be a little extra space between the big toe and the front part of the shoe. You need to keep about half an inch of extra space.
Buy comfortable, fitted shoes that are neither too tight nor too loose.
The best time to buy a shoe is in the evening, when the feet are a little swollen.

Buy shoes that match your arch

Many big brands make shoes with the arch of the foot in mind. For taller arched feet, there are neutral shoes that are very flexible and provide additional cushioning. For feet with a normal arch, there are shoes with moderate arch support and cushioning in the midsole. For people with flat feet, companies make specially designed motion control shoes that are heavy, stiff and less flexible. These shoes provide more support to the inner part of the feet.

Buy shoes according to pronation

Pronation is the way your feet roll when you run or walk. It is basically the inward rolling motion of the joint located below the ankle. Pronation occurs when a person lands on the ground.

For each individual, the degree of pronation is different. Some over-pronate while some under-pronate.
If you are a normal pronator, you should buy a shoe with an S-shaped pattern tracing the outer heels to the big toes.
People with less pronation tend to have a bigger impact when they land on the ground because their feet don’t roll inward. So, these people need a shoe with extra cushioning.

Best running shoes for concrete surfaces

Experts believe that you need different shoes for running on different surfaces. If you are using concrete, you need special shoes designed for this purpose.

Concrete is about ten times harder than asphalt. Running on the hard surface increases the pressure in the shoe by leaps and bounds. This makes the lower limbs more susceptible to injury.

So, to run on a hard surface like concrete, you will need shoes with increased cushioning and support. Additional padding absorbs impact.

Neutral shoes, as well as stability shoes, are considered suitable options for running on a hard concrete surface. For runners with high arched feet, orthopedics are the ideal option.

Things to look for when buying concrete running shoes

There are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for running shoes. The first thing is the running surface. As already mentioned, running on concrete can be dangerous as it is much more difficult than other rolling surfaces.

Here are some features you should look for in running shoes:
Padding: As concrete is hard, running in regular shoes can cause knee injuries. So, you should look for a shoe that offers good cushioning.
Fit: A good fit is essential for any shoe. But when it comes to buying a running shoe for the concrete surface, you have to be extremely careful. Running on concrete has a greater impact on the limb. If you don’t buy a properly fitted shoe, you can injure yourself.
Flexibility: Running shoes should be very flexible. You should look for flexibility when buying a concrete running shoe.

Three basic rules for choosing running sneakers: 1. During running, the blood circulation in the legs is more predominant, which can cause the legs to increase slightly in size. This also happens during the day, so the ideal time to try on shoes is in the afternoon. 2. When trying on shoes, there should be a space of 0.5 inches between the heel and the back of the shoe. 3. The shoes must fit perfectly around the foot. But make sure it’s not too tight, so your foot is comfortable.

Some suggestions for best running shoes for running on concrete:

1. New Balance Women’s 680v3 Running Shoe

Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

This marvelous sneaker is amazing, they are very light which is very nice. Fit great, feel great, also fantastic stability. Have great ventilation without showing any socks.

2. Sockwa X8- Breathable, Barefoot/Minimal Shoe

Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

These are very nice shoes witch are designed for use on concrete or anywhere else extreme grip and feel are required. Sockwa X8 has outstanding features like: crushable, flexible, durable, great stability , and machine washable.

3. Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 Women’s Shoes Jungle Pack

Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

This shoe is a high quality neutral trainer capable of handling high mileage daily training. It provides a slight upgrade form the previous model and is sure to please most runners. It has a comfortable upper, which is great. Also not to forget it’s huge versatility. You will benefit of great stability and maximum cushioning.

4. ASICS Women’s GEL Fortitude 7 Running Shoe
Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

They have a wide toe box and flexible mesh-type material over the bunion area. They are also very cushioned, so overall a very comfortable shoe.


5. New Balance Women’s WW928 Health Walking Lace-Up Sneaker
Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

A very nice, and wonderful sneaker, perfect for running on concrete. This brand is fantastic and very in trend in the last five years.


6. Asics Women’s Gel-Quick WK 2 Walking Shoe
Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

They are extremely comfortable, perfect for running sessions. They look so versatile and fancy.


7. Saucony Women’s Pro Grid ST 2
Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

Pro Grid Integrity ST2. looks very nice and it is a nice option for a women.


8. Dausko Women’s Shayla Fashion Sneaker
Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

Running on concrete, it is a tough, but Shayla Fashion will make your feet feel great, due to its comfort and amazing versatility. These shoes fit the bill. They’re reasonably priced, provide the support for your feet need and are even somewhat stylish.


9. Orthaheel Women’s Action Walker Shoes
Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

If you have for example a stand-up job, then using this pair of sneakers it is a good idea. For sure will be helpful their fantastic features:
– shock absorbing midsole (fabulous for reducing stress on your feet, this feature is amazing , not only for running on concrete, or other hard surface, but it is also amazing for standing up jobs)
– flexible rubber outsole (gives you excellent steadiness on your walk)
– footbed gives a very natural position for your ankle