Best Men’s Blazers for Fall 2015-2016

The blazer is a very important element into a man’s wardrobe. And it represents for sure a base for a relaxed look, but chic at the same time. A blazer can radically change your look in a good way, of course. It represents the proof that you can have a neat look, stylish, but at the same time a relaxed and a comfortable one. Well yes, dressing casual doesn’t mean to just throw some random pieces of outfit on you, the first ones that come into your hand when you are opening your closet. Casual can mean a chic outfit too.
Here are some important aspects of a blazer that you should bear in mind:
– Buttons – There are blazers with two or three buttons. The ones with two rows of buttons are not considered casual blazers, they are considered to be more formal.
– The lapel – Choose a narrow lapel and eventually with a small cut for a more modern look. A narrow lapel has the power to make your silhouette look slender. The shape lapel is more traditional and does not fit with a casual outfit.
– Be careful to your shoulders – It is very important that the blazer should fit you perfectly on your shoulders.
– The length of the sleeves – They should be long enough to slightly cover your wrists when you are keeping your hands down.

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The blazers are some extremely versatile pieces of outfit that can successfully complete any outfit.