Harrington Jacket 2020

There are plenty of jackets for men, but few manage to live up to the Harrington jacket. That’s because normally jackets take a more formal look, this is less true of the recently mentioned jacket. Yet, what are the characteristics that make an item Harrington jacket so special?

We are talking about a jacket with a length up to waist which is usually made of cotton, wool or leather. In terms of color, outside there will be only one safe (in general, there may be some exceptions) and we can say that fits snugly around the waist with an elastic bed.
Harrington jacket has two pockets with buttons on each side of the lower fronts as well as a complete opening of the zipper in the front. The collar is straight and ends with two buttons.

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Needless to say about it, immediately and that is a must have for men especially in autumn but also in the cold season during a year, a Harrington jacket is a perfect option. That’s because, by its construction, Harrington jacket offer the necessary heating on days when temperatures are lower than we want to be.

If you wonder which is genuine this type of jacket, then you should know that Harrington jacket was promoted by many stars like Elvis, Steve McQueen, names that have managed to make from a seemingly ordinary jacket, a very popular trend in almost every cold season.

I said no but nothing about how they wear Harrington jacket. Well this fits in nicely with a pair of white trousers but with different elements of denim.

The jacket of this kind has been brought to our attention by Steve McQueen stars as Elvis and James Dean, in now days this is a nice piece, with a large versatility, perfect for any men’s wardrobe.