Best Ankle Boots 2021

What Are The Ankle Boots

In winter, exit the sandals, we adorn our feet with the most beautiful boots of the season. Fortunately, these are endlessly available, depending on the fashion trends of the moment. We are therefore spoiled for choice: flat ankle boots, heeled ankle boots, laced up, leather ankle boots, patent ankle boots, in velvet or, in great demand this season, snake or leopard print ankle boots. Ankle boots are one of the most popular types of footwear, because they are feminine and easy to wear in any outfit.
For the forms, everything is there: Chelsea boots, bikers, heels, socks … The models are multiple, for our greatest happiness. But be careful, we still have to choose them according to our style, our wardrobe or our desires.

Women’s ankle boots are perfect for this role – they are very comfortable and fit various styles. However, when buying a new pair of ankle boots it is worth remembering a few simple rules that will help you choose the right footwear for your figure. Over the years, the ankle boots have earned the title of stars of the cold season, being a real clothing ploy and having a special ability to imprint a note of individuality even on everyday outfits. In the fashion trends of the last years, certain models of ankle boots were noticed, which immediately took the street fashion by storm and generated a notable reconsideration of the shopping offers. In the category of ankle boots in trends this year, a well-deserved place in the preferences of fashionistas have the ankle boots with cutouts, ankle boots with thick heels, ankle boots with laces and ankle boots made of velvet or suede. Adapted to different weather conditions, they are a footwear option always valid in the cold season. Of course, you can’t wear anything and anywhere – it’s good to follow certain criteria when choosing ankle boots for each outfit. It is very important that they always match the shape of the body, to create a more harmonious image. It can be a model with a thin or thick heel, one without a heel, high boots or ankle boots of various lengths.

What Ankle Boots Suit You

Autumn has come into its own, and you need to think seriously about buying the right shoes for the cold season. You have a choice between so many models that it is impossible not to find a suitable one for your figure. The shoes for the cold season come in all models, from those with heels, to those without heels, from ankle boots, to high boots, from thin heels, to thick heels.

Boots that reaches to the ankle

That boots are among the trends this fall and fit any type of silhouette. They can be worn with pants or skirts or dresses. However, this model cuts the leg, so short women should choose models with heels and wear them with pants in a color close to the shoes, to give the impression of length. However, if you choose to wear skirts, you must make sure that the boot does not cross the ankle and that the length of the skirt or dress reaches above the knee.

Ankle boots up to mid-calf

This model cuts your leg in the middle of the leg, and if they are a little wider, they will add a few kilograms to your feet. They are more suitable for women with thin legs and can be worn best with molded pants. If you are short in height and you like these ankle boots, you must choose models with heels, to create the illusion that you are taller.

Over the knee boots

These boots are perfect for any figure and are a must-have this season. The model lengthens your leg and thins it, and the good part is that they go with almost anything: dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, etc. If you have short legs, however, try not to wear this model of boots with clothes with prints or horizontal details, such as stripes or buckles, because they will make you look even smaller.

How To Wear Ankle Boots Correctly

Finding clothing style can be difficult for many of us, but from our point of view no woman should limit herself to one style, as long as she knows how and what to match! In terms of footwear, some pairs can give us headaches both in terms of matching, but especially the way to wear them correctly and aesthetically.

Office style

The simplest office combination is a black skirt and a white shirt. It is a timeless mix, always on trend and suitable regardless of the season. A pair of ankle boots with gold buckles will accentuate the simplicity of this outfit and will take it out of anonymity.
But because ankle boots are taller shoes and cut from the length of the leg, we must pay attention to the length of the skirt and the way we wear the shirt.
The shirt tucked into the skirt will give the impression of long legs and will thin your waist. If you are petite or have an oval figure, try not to wear a skirt that is too long. Your legs will look shorter and your waist will be thickened.

Elegant office outfit

An office look with modern and sophisticated accents is the combination of jacket, turtleneck and chinos. To create the illusion of tall and slender, the turtleneck must be tucked into pants. We can easily turn the pants at the bottom, but it should NOT be stuffed in the boot. This will create the image of a thicker leg, as there is no break between the line of the pants and the ankle. Also, if the pants are pulled over the shoes, they will seem too long for your feet. If you turn them over, you will create an elegant and uncluttered look.

Ankle boots with dresses in casual outfits

We all have days when we want to feel comfortable, but also to keep the elegance of our outfit. Whether it’s an outing in the city or an event that doesn’t involve a dress code, ankle boots will be an inspired choice.
In combination with a dress, a cardigan and opaque tights the outfit is perfect for outdoor weather. In addition, the ankle boots will give the elegant look it needs, without loading too much.
The problem with this outfit arises in terms of the chosen dress. Its size and shape must correspond to your physical shape. The same dress may be too long for some women and too short for others. Try to match the ankle boots with a knee-length dress or above them.
If you have a rectangular silhouette, wear a cambered dress at the waist that will sweeten your features and accentuate your strengths.

Ankle boots in casual outfits?

The most popular casual outfit is the one consisting of a shirt and skinny jeans to match a pair of casual style ankle boots. You have countless colors and combinations, but you have to be careful how you place your jeans. As I said, they don’t have to go over the ankle boots. Try to turn them over and delimit the foot and ankle line.
The shirt is another important element of the outfit. If you have an inverted triangle silhouette, you could add volume at the bottom by wearing the shirt over the pants. To highlight an hourglass silhouette, avoid wearing a shirt over jeans. This way your waist will be highlighted and the proportions between the trunk and the legs will be preserved.

Combine Ankle Boots With:

  • with a sweatshirt dress
  • a glamorous little dress
  • with a long trench coat
  • a mini skirt
  • leggings
  • leather pants
  • slim jeans

Best Ankle Boots 2021 Reviews:

Kenneth Cole REACTION Women’s Side Way Ankle Boot

Best Ankle Boots 2020

The shoe is perfect, beautiful, well finished, very comfortable, and extremely stylish.

Main features:

  • beautiful color
  • lightweight
  • lightly padded insole

The most important feature of these ankle boots: amazing color.

MVE Shoes Women’s Side Zipper Buckle Deco Laces High Stacked Block Heel Ankle Booties

Best Ankle Boots 2020

Comfortable and versatile ankle boots for ladies.

Main features:

  • eco-friendly shoe
  • versatile
  • super comfortable

The most important feature of these ankle boots: versatility.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s All My Life Ankle Boot

Best Ankle Boots 2020

Super comfortable, super cute and very comfy.

Main features:

  • micro suede upper
  • lightweight
  • synthetic sole

The most important feature of these ankle boots: lightweight.

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Dakota Boot

Best Ankle Boots 2020

Cute, workable and comfortable ankle boots. They’re so soft and comfortable, stylish and easy to wear.

Main features:

  • memory foam cool fit insole
  • lightweight
  • nice design

The most important feature of these ankle boots: nice design.

Clarks Women’s Chartli Valley Ankle Boot

Best Ankle Boots 2020

They are classy looking and very comfortable.

Main features:

  • fashionable
  • rubber sole
  • easy zipper entry

The most important feature of these ankle boots: fashionable.

SODA Chance Women’s Closed Toe Multi Strap Ankle Bootie

Best Ankle Boots 2020

Quite comfortable and they look really nice and stylish too.

Main features:

  • stacked block heel ankle booties
  • synthetic sole
  • stylish

The most important feature of these ankle boots: stylish.

LifeStride Women’s Adriana Ankle Bootie

Best Ankle Boots 2020

These boots fit perfectly. They are extremely comfortable shoes with plenty of room in the toe box.

Main features:

  • flexible sole
  • fashionable
  • comfortable
  • versatile

The most important feature of these ankle boots: versatility.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Rate Boot

Best Ankle Boots 2020

These are amazing. The look is cute too. The rubber sole means a quiet step without a clacking sound.

Main features:

  • synthetic sole
  • fabric or textile
  • versatile

The most important feature of these ankle boots: versatility.