Beach Dresses 2022

Beach Dresses – chic choice

If you have planned your leave somewhere at sea, you start on your plans of going there for the beach and not scrolling on a fashionable podium, so you can leave in the hotel room, huge and colorful earrings, cocktail rings, noisy bracelets, statement necklaces, and total makeup. You will remember them later in the evening, but that does not mean that the lightness of a holiday context should make you forget to be feminine and flirty. And during the holidays we must take good habits with us, take care of our skin, body, hair, silhouette and have prepared some outfits for any holiday situation: the beautiful beach dresses 2022!

In summer we plan our holidays at sea because we want to take advantage of the heat, sun, water and free time. The biggest concern for most of us is the swimsuit, so we spend hours looking for the suit that suits us best.
But it is very important what we wear over the swimsuit, what clothes we choose to combine them with it and to highlight it.

The holiday means relaxation, you do not need to make a good impression, you only need nice, comfortable clothes that will make you feel good and enjoy the place where you are. You need a holiday, practical, light and cool outfits that will bless you and make you feel great in your skin. You need to be able to quickly get rid of clothes when you want to get in the water, but also to dress lightly, even over a still wet swimsuit, if you want to leave the beach. You need clothes that can play a double role: day and evening, especially if you are a fan of light luggage. This strategy will leave more room for the accessories needed for a holiday look: belts, staples, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, kimonos.
A pretty comprehensive niche, the beach wardrobe is no longer a mere practical detail. Today, going to the beach means as much effort as an office or evening outfit. Slippers, beach bag, hat, all must be in perfect agreement. Of course, we should not exaggerate in the chapter on the beach, most often the principle “less is more” is very valid here. A white men’s shirt, low espadrilles and a raffia basket are the perfect ingredients for a sunny day. However, if you want to make a new purchase this season, it is good to know which are the most popular models of beach dresses.

An irregularly shaped beach dress should help you feel as comfortable as possible when going to the beach, or in the evening when you go out with your partner to a terrace to dine. Such a beach dress, for sure, will be light, practical and will help you feel great in your skin. It will be easy for you to quickly take your dress off when you get to the beach, as easy as it will be to get dressed, when you go to the hotel, from the beach, or in the evening when you go out to dinner. If you do not know what to choose, you could turn your attention, for example, to the maxi beach skirt, which has a light cut. This is one of the most sought after beach dresses, and can be ideal when you also want to take a break from the beach, and head to a terrace. Nor would the idea of ​​opting for a maxi, flowered beach dress be a bad one. Such a dress is practically ageless. For an enviable look, you could catch your hair in a rebellious bun at the top of your head, or you could also wear your hair in hippie style, with decorative headbands or flowers. Another idea regarding the beach dress, would be to opt for a white beach dress, which should be made of a light material with a romantic lace, and which will leave your shoulders bare. Such a dress will give you a bohemian and perfectly trendy look. You will be able to wear such a piece of clothing with silver or gold sandals, or with a pair of white ballet flats. If you are going to a cocktail party, such an outfit can be completed by a pair of large earrings.

How to dress at the beach?

To go straight from the beach to the cocktail bar, you need a beach dress. If you like simplicity and want to travel light, a colorful sarong will do just fine. Tied at the hips or pulled up to the shoulders, it offers you a thousand possibilities! If you prefer to go for a classic beach dress, choose a model that is easy to put on and take off: avoid zippers in the back or buttoned dresses, which are too restrictive. For a sexy beach style, opt for a dress that is slightly sheer or with lace details: a beautiful way to catch the eye without revealing everything!
At the beach, makeup is often very light. To spice up your outfit in just a few moments, think about accessories! The wide brimmed hat will give you a star look while protecting you from the sun. Ditto for trendy sunglasses! As for shoes, if the thong is practical and timeless, the wedge espadrille remains the best option to preserve your style in all circumstances.

Beach Dress: How To Choose It

What fabrics to prefer for beach dress? – If you don’t want to sweat big, prefer natural materials.
They have the advantage of wicking away moisture to chase away the odors of being thermo regulatory, that is to say that they conserve heat in winter and restore it in summer. Natural materials are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The downside to natural fabrics is that they wrinkle easily. To remedy this, manufacturers mix them with synthetic fabrics. There are elastane and poly-amide, which have the advantage of also strengthening support, but there is also much talk about viscose.
Extracted from wood fibers, viscose is trendy and highly sought after for the vibrant colors and pretty drapes it allows.
However, its manufacturing process is very harmful to the environment (use of sodium sulfate and citric acid).

“Timeless” fabrics: cotton, hemp and linen – On the shelves of ready-to-wear boutiques, we mainly find cotton.
Accessible and very soft, it delights manufacturers.
For the summer, manufacturers weave it very thin: it is then called “the cotton veil”. Light as air, it allows your swimsuit to dry from below. Much less widespread, hemp and flax have properties very close to cotton.
These materials, as old as humanity, are by no means obsolete and many creators are taking them up.

“Luxurious” fabrics: lace, silk and tulle – If you are looking for a more refined look, there are dresses in silk, lace, tulle and even chiffon.
Too dressed to go to the beach? It’s for you to see. More delicate and expensive, take good care of it.
Regarding silk, it is also found in scarves and summer turbans because it perfectly protects the scalp.

Fabrics to avoid at the beach – so-called “heavy” natural materials, such as wool, fleece and cashmere.
Do you have a grandparent who told you the hell of wearing a wool swimsuit?
Too tight, too thick, keeping moisture, its fabrics, wool is one of the fabrics to be avoided to go to the water’s edge.
In direct sunlight, these fabrics dissipate heat only too little.
Like wool, synthetic materials store heat and humidity: result you will sweat!
So unless you go out at the end of the day, we advise you to go your way.

Types Of Beach Dresses

This summer, you don’t have to worry about what you can wear at the beach. Here are some examples of beach dresses:

Long Beach Dress

The long beach dress is ideal, if you choose a maxi dress, not only will you be feminine but you will also choose comfort! During the day, whether swimming or sunbathing, wear your long beach dress with a pair of espadrilles or flat sandals, a straw hat and a raffia basket, the it-bag of the year. An evening trip after the beach? Keep your beach dress and mix it with a pair of wedge sandals to lengthen your legs, a round bag in colorful leather and an accumulation of rose gold jewelry that will magnify your complexion for sure.

Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses

Beach Dress With Ruffles

Choose a sexy beach dress suitable for the holidays in two. An attractive, steamy beach dress with a fluid texture, which accentuates your tan and silhouette! The long dress with ruffles, diaphanous, asymmetrical suits the day, with sandals without heels, and at a party on the beach or at a terrace, with sandals with high heels. This year, the summer beach dress is far from pompous. Uninhibited, easy to live, easy to wear. The ruffles that she wears are not fancy: they bring her a welcome touch of lightness. It is one of the favorite pieces of many creators, which can be reinvented endlessly.

Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses

The Tunic / Caftan

It is a kind of steamy tunic that addresses non-conformist women who adopt the casual-chic style with boho influences. The caftan was originally an oriental garment worn mainly by high-ranking people. It was a long, wide cloak, adorned with precious stones, expensive animal fur, or gold thread embroidery. Nowadays, this coat has become a chic accessory for the beach or for cool evenings by the sea. Whether it is worn long to the ground, is of medium length or barely covers the swimsuit, the material of the current caftan is necessarily transparent, vaporous and transparent.

The tunic / caftan represents a summer garment combining the dress and the fluid blouse, with a V-neck. Available in a wide variety of materials, such as fine cotton, silk, linen, chiffon, etc. usually the tunic is knee-length. Adopt a model with fringes and vivid colors or with an exotic print for a look that makes you think of the parties on the luxury yachts in Cannes. An undeniable advantage is that this item is generally flattering, thanks to its lightness, for any type of silhouette. Because you bet on such a comfortable piece, you can add to the accessories chapter. We recommend a pair of flat-soled sandals, in a contrasting color to the caftan and necessarily decorated with details or metallic accents.

Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses
Beach Dress

Transparent Beach Dress

Another variant of the sexy beach dress is the transparent dress worn over the bathing suit. Whether you choose a full swimsuit, either a bra and a slip, a veil, tulle or lace dress is the perfect choice for summer wear! Such a beach dress looks very sensual and chic.

Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses

Printed Beach Dress

The floral print is in trend. The vegetable prince, lush, Jungle type is wearing. The ethnic imprint is worn. We wear geometric prints with stripes and bullets. The abstract pattern is worn but also the retro, colorful motifs.

Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses

White Beach Dress

The sea and the sun also pair with the all-white outfits, and if you are obsessed with the white color, the LWD hot season star can save you on vacation too. A white beach dress with a light material with romantic lace and bare shoulders will give you a perfectly trendy bohemian look for summer. Wear the dress with silver or gold sandals or white ballerinas. If you want to go for cocktails with her you can add some big earrings and opt for nude sandals.

Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses

Lace Beach Dresses

Many women want to wear lace beach dresses in the summer. Of course, a dress in this style is feminine and can highlight your body beautifully when you go to the beach. Depending on the model of the dress, you can feel more or less comfortable in a lace dress, so you have to choose carefully.
You can choose a light lace dress that will let your skin breathe. Opt for lighter colors because otherwise you risk getting hot on the way to the beach and you will not have any rescue then!
If you have a lot of walking in the sun, a lace dress has little chance of leaving you with an uneven tan depending on how the lace is arranged, but don’t worry. The important thing is that you wear a dress that you like and that makes you feel good.

Beach Dresses
Beach Dress


Pareo is an indispensable piece for a summer stay at the sea, but also at the pool. It is a popular and modern beach accessory that at first glance looks like a scarf. It is worn as a garment and as a supplement to the women’s swimsuit.
The beach scarf can be tied in several ways. Can replace a long or short skirt, dress or vest.
Benefits of a pareo:

– hides all imperfections
– dries quickly
– you can wrap yourself in a light cooling
– can be worn as clothing
– creates an elegant and tasty vision

Beach Dress
Beach Dress
Beach Dress

Irregularly Shaped Beach Dress

If you want to be chic and nonconformist, choose irregularly shaped beach dress. This piece looks very chic and surely will get you out of the crowd.

Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses
Beach Dresses

The purpose of a vacation, especially at the beach and in the sun, is to get rid of all the stress, to make as few decisions as possible and to only be interested in the bronze, the sun, the sand, the noise of the waves, the afternoon rush, the breeze on the cliff, good evening music on a terrace … That’s why you need a proper, comfortable, airy outfit, to be pleasant on the skin, but to look good also.