Ballet Flats 2015-2016

Having in mind how comfortable they are, the ballet flats should definitely be a staple for any woman’s wardrobe. Indeed, they are a piece de resistance no matter if you are going to the office, having a walk, going shopping or going to a cocktail with your friends.
The ballet shoes are that comfortable footwear that you can wear when you feel the need of comfort, when you are not physically able anymore to wear high heels. But it would be a huge mistake to consider them only some comfortable shoes.

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This type of footwear leaves out your ankles, making your legs looks longer. In addition, as wider they are cut out, the longer the foot will look like.
As I was saying above, they can be worn on various occasions.

At the job – They are an excellent option and a very comfortable one of course. Also, they are very feminine and classic enough to be worn at the office. Be careful at the colors you are using because you must also follow the employer’s dress code.

Girls Night-Out – You can try an extraordinary combo with a pair of ripped jeans, ballet shoes, a T-shirt and a boyfriend blazer.

Going shoppingg – This is a fantastic activity for any woman. Being chic is also important even in such an activity. Printed pants, denim or leather jacket over a blouse and, of course, a pair of flat shoes can be the perfect combination.

Tips for your ballet shoes:
– Be careful at their color. Choose a pair in two colors or a pair with a graphic black and white print, or even in a stronger color. For evening, choose black ballet shoes or red ones.
– Believe it or not, you can look very stylish wearing this type of shoes. A pair with pointed tip is the solution. They look more elegant and make your legs look longer.
– Choose the correct size for you. This is usually neglected but it is extremely important. It isn’t chic at all to be noticed that they are larger than you need or, on the opposite they will be extremely uncomfortable if they are smaller.
Practical and very comfortable, the ballet shoes are very trendy nowadays and, if you are a little creative when building your outfits, they can look equally chic like a pair of stiletto.