Are Scarves Still In Style 2023

The history of scarves in fashion

Let there be no doubt: the scarf is an essential element in any modern wardrobe. Whether you want to show elegance, power or independence, a well-made scarf is versatile enough for all of the above. But did you know that the simple scarf has origins dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome? Next you will be able to learn more about the history of scarves.

The first recorded appearance of the scarf was in Ancient Egypt in 1350 BC, when Queen Nefertiti is said to have worn a tightly woven scarf with a conical royal headdress. She seemed pretty tough, apparently.

Meanwhile, in Ancient Rome, men used scarves to keep cool and dry during the summer heat. And in the Far East, scarves were worn by military personnel as a way to denote rank. Soldiers from the Terracotta Army, who were buried in 200 BC, can be seen depicted.

In the 19th century the scarf really began to consolidate its position in popular fashion. Napoleon Bonaparte is believed to have bought a pashmina scarf from Egypt for his beloved Josephine in 1801. He adored it and immediately began collecting them.

Then, in 1837, a French fashion house called Hermès—you’ve probably heard of it—manufactured the first graphic silk scarf. And cashmere shawls with their distinctive paisley pattern became so popular that even Queen Victoria bought one in 1842. The scarf not only provided a sense of style, but also indicated social status.

During World War I, from 1914 to 1919, women volunteered to knit scarves as a patriotic duty. Vast quantities of woolen scarves – along with socks and sweaters – were made and sent to members of the armed forces to keep them warm and dry in the harsh conditions of the trenches. We clearly going to see if are scarves still in style 2023?


Scarves are very different in length and width. What size is needed – it is better to decide in advance. In this case, it is worth considering what and how to wear a scarf and how to tie it. If the experience of wearing a scarf is not at all, it is better to buy a cheap and simple model to practice and learn. With the next purchase in this case, it will be much easier to decide. And only when it is already clear which models are practical and which of them are better to refuse, you can turn your attention to more expensive accessories.

By the way, for a cold season, long and wide scarves are much more suitable. They can be worn in different ways, and you feel warm and comfortable in such a scarf.


No less important is the color of the scarf. They should approach the owner, refresh the image and harmonize with the chosen clothes. Therefore, it is worth carefully analyzing the basic colors of the wardrobe and choosing to build on it.

But it is worth considering the following details: a sign of good taste and style to have a scarf, not too sticky and eye-catching, but it is not forbidden to wear a bright color scarf. It will be especially important in a gloomy wintertime, when you want to emphasize your individuality. Very successful will be a scarf, which is in harmony with the complexion of the face. In this case, the color must necessarily be combined with the color of the eyes and hair.

The choice of material

It is also of great importance. For a warm season, light fabrics such as silk, chiffon, satin, cotton are more suitable. For winter, there will be angora, wool or cashmere.
A large scarf pattern can add a figure to the extra volume. So, you should consider this when making a purchase.

How to match them

The scarf is one of the accessories that should not be missing from any woman’s wardrobe. Suitable for almost any outfit, the scarf helps you accessorize surprising outfits. With the help of a few simple tricks, you will be able to integrate the scarf into your outfit and you will certainly not go unnoticed.

Although there are so many ways in which you can wear and tie a scarf, the classic version, around the neck is the most suitable when you want a simple look. In addition, you can thus integrate a scarf into any clothing style. Here are the scarves to choose according to your clothing style:

#Office style will always require accessories as simple as possible, which express seriousness and at the same time, elegance. Choose a small silk scarf to wear around your neck to add a splash of color to your outfit, while maintaining the sophistication of office style.

#Casual-chic style allows you to play with oversized scarf models, made of wool or other materials. You can easily match them with your favorite pair of jeans, sweater and leather jacket.

#Romantic style is perfect for a night out. You can opt for a fitted knit dress, a pair of chunky ankle boots or boots and a cashmere or wool scarf.

#Elegant style goes great with women’s silk scarves. Choose scarves in neutral shades for colorful dresses to accentuate the colors of the dress while providing a sophisticated detail to the outfit.