Are Loafers In Style 2023

Loafers – always in trend

Certainly, the profile stores also spoil the male audience when it comes to options in terms of footwear. Summer cannot pass without a presented collection of moccasins or boat shoes as they are called in specialized terms. They are comfortable, chic and versatile, which is why men can wear them with almost any outfit.

In the past, this type of footwear was specific to sailors. They represented an optimal model that offers the safety of not slipping on the ship’s deck.

Over time, this style became so popular, adopted for street wear footwear so that at the moment we are talking about trendy collections, elegant moccasins and style lessons on how to wear them so that they stand out.

Different options and styles are available for men, which make a perfect statement and offer a completely new and modern look. From celebrities to ordinary people, men and women, everyone wears this trend. If you are new to this style and you are not sure where to start when and how to wear your favorite pair of moccasins, read on because we will give you some trendy ideas to wear moccasins with style.

What are loafers?

Each region of our country has a different dialect, but the official term for this type of footwear is “moccasins”. But how does this type of footwear differ from others? There are some unique features it has:

#moccasins do not have laces – they are a type of footwear that can be put on very quickly

#moccasins are a type of low shoe – meaning your ankle will always be bare when you wear them

#the sole of moccasins is separated from the main part of the shoe

#majority of moccasins have a special heel style

Mainly, a pair of moccasins will be easily recognizable based on appearance and the 4 properties mentioned. But why was such a type of footwear invented?

Wear it with trust

This type of footwear gives men the opportunity to wear something casual, without going out of the aesthetic sphere. In other words, there is no compromise made in terms of style. Moccasins are usually worn without socks or at least without the classic visible socks – for comfort, those special, very short socks that do not exceed the line of the shoe can be worn.

Their functionality and casual style is reflected by the thin, flexible rubber sole, as well as by the shoe pattern, slip-in type, without closure. They have interesting seams and various details can be associated with them, this being the creativity of each designer.

What should moccasins be worn with?

They can be worn in combination with denim pieces and look very good that way. They are a relaxed look, regardless of the color tones that the wearer opts for.

Just as well, moccasins are perfect in combination with linen pants or chinos, regardless of whether we are talking about long or short pants.

For elegant, smart casual outfits as well, in association with a suit or at least with elegant trousers, moccasins are different from those for casual outfits.

Moccasins – with or without socks?

This question is on the lips of all men who pay attention to how they dress! If you are among them, you should know that opinions are divided among clothing advisors. Until the mystery is solved, you need to know some basic rules when choosing to wear them with or without socks:

#If you choose to wear socks, pay attention to their color! Either you choose them in the shade of the pants or, if you want them to become the main attraction of your outfit, you choose them in a contrasting color with the rest of the clothing items you wear.

#If you choose not to wear socks, pay attention to the season and the length of your pants! Loafers without socks are not worn when it is cold outside, even more so if you choose to wear a coat or a thick jacket on top.

According to the outfit

The smart-casual outfit

Very popular lately, the smart casual outfit for men involves combining a smart and casual style. This translates into comfortable pants, shirt and jacket in different materials. Moccasins are the perfect complement to this outfit that you can wear either to the office or to various non-formal events.
If you opt for a “good” look, it is advisable to choose your shoes in shades of black or brown. But if you’ve taken the smart-casual style in a slightly bolder direction, there are now classic loafers for men in shades of beige, orange or blue.

Elegant outfit

If you have to attend a formal event and still want to wear a comfortable and trendy pair of shoes, there are loafers specially made for this. The safest option to go for is black leather moccasins, as simple as possible, which match any type of suit.

Although moccasins are generally worn without socks, you must make sure that the length of the pant extends far enough over the ankle. However, it is not wrong to wear loafers with socks, especially in the cold seasons. You can opt for a pair of color-matched socks that also match the length and thickness of the material from which the pants are made.

Casual outfit for summer

Moccasins are currently one of the most versatile types of men’s footwear. They can be easily worn in warm seasons as long as they match your outfit. In summer, soft suede moccasins in shades that can vary from dark brown to cream are the best. For a more cheerful outfit, however, you can opt for a pair brightly colored tassels to match with trousers or linen shirts.

Chinos are also suitable for a summer outfit, but also any type of jeans that you can wear rolled up. It is not recommended to wear socks in the summer, that is why it is important to choose moccasins from a soft material. This Italian-style combination is increasingly popular, and moccasins can thus replace sandals or sports shoes.

Loafers are a modern choice and an alternative to classic men’s footwear. They can be worn to the office, to the city, to meetings with friends, on trips and even to an important gala, if you are brave enough to choose a velvet pair.