Are Little Black Dress In Style 2022?

Simplistic and glamorous

When Coco Chanel presented the little black dress to the public in the 20s of the past century, she probably did not imagine that this piece would soon become an essential element of the feminine rank-dress. If Coco Chanel was convinced that the knees were the most attractive part of a woman’s body, she designed her first black dress slightly below the knee. This first minimalist copy was created with minimal expense. Coco wanted simplistic and glamorous lines and envisaged the idea that the dress be sublimated by accessories like necklaces, mouths, cuffs … This vision of a minimalist black dress was in perfect adequacy with its time since women could not afford to wear luxurious and very expensive dresses. Adding accessories made it possible to wear the black dress and create extraordinary looks at a lower cost. Whether we like it or not, the little black dress 2022 is the queen of a woman’s wardrobe.


It is the most versatile and long-lasting piece of clothing in the history of fashion. Essential in the wardrobe, it is often the recommendation of stylists for any type of event, the effect of the black dress being that of an effortless elegance. You simply can’t go wrong with black!


Little black dress is noble, elegant and stylish and deserve to be put in value by means of accessories to match, so do not strain when it comes to accessorizing them. In general, it is good to know that there are some rules when choosing a necklace for Little Black Dress. If the dress has a neckline generous, V, we recommend you choose a long necklace, massive. However, if your dress has a round neckline, you can choose a necklace in the neck. As attention is focused on the neck, avoid your outfit other jewelry massive load. To elongate the legs, the trick is to wear stilettos or sandals in nude colors. A medium length black dress, envelope in any color you prefer and a pair of sandals or nude shoes you are sure that you will be an unforgettable appearance. If the envelope is in a particularly strong color, make it the centerpiece of your outfit and accessories rest of you will choose minimalist. And while you’re at a minimum, another successful idea for when you choose to wear “little black dress” is to go on a great age minimalist style. A medium length black dress, simple, tight-fitting, minimalist accessories and hair caught in a ponytail or bun or you will make you look frail and diaphanous.

Are Little Black Dress In Style 2022?
Are Little Black Dress In Style 2022?
Are Little Black Dress In Style 2022?
What accessories to wear with the little black dress?

If you want to accessorize your black dress for an evening look, opt for a shiny accessory: A minimalist silver necklace, a brooch, a fantasy in your hairstyle … For a shopping spree in town, you can play the card of mystery by accessorizing your dress with pretty dark glasses and a hat. If you think your walk will be important, bring comfortable shoes. A pair of moccasins associated with a leather jacket will ensure you an ideal look.

For a look suited for your day at the office, we recommend that you wear your black dress with a pretty tailored jacket, fitted, or a bolero jacket. You will have an ideal professional look that will combine two pieces that are both formal and delicate. The black dress is very easy to wear, you can opt for tone-on-tone jackets as for brighter shades to play with contrasts. When you wear your dress for a formal occasion or in a company whose strict dress code must be respected, you should choose shoes with heels. They do not necessarily have to be very high, as you risk wearing them all day long, but they will give you an impeccable appearance.

For an evening outfit you can opt for a pair of stiletto heels, unless you plan to dance all night. In this case, a pair of ballerinas will be more suitable and above all more comfortable. finish off your look by bringing a glamorous dimension with a pretty handbag with glittery finishes. Hats are always welcome to accessorize a little black dress and those with wide brims are the most suitable. They easily create a feeling of mystery, elegance and chic. The sunglasses will also be perfect for adding a hint of mystery to your look. On the jewelry side, if pearls are a sure bet and evoke the chic and elegant style of Audrey Hepburn in the film “Diamonds on the sofa”, you can also opt for other natural jewels such as turquoise, agate, stone moon …

Opt for necklaces, large enough to be visible but not too large so as not to appear provocative or even vulgar. The brooch is another ideal jewel to accompany the little black dress. A pretty flower brooch or with a bolder form will always go perfectly with your little black dress. Choose it bright and catchy enough to reflect your personality.

Very chic

It is that piece of chic wardrobe that we can wear in several combinations and highlights the style that defines us.