Are Jean Skirts In Style 2022?

Short History

Before talking about the real issue of this article : are jean skirts in style 2022, let’s see some piece of history. The true history of jeans began to be written in 1873, when the young Bavarian Leob Strauss (later Levi Strauss) left New York for San Francisco to open a small workshop specializing in textile production. A few years later, Strauss’s workshop launched a variety of thick, durable fabrics worn by miners in the great gold rush. Jacob Devis, a great Nevada tailor, became a major client of Levi Strauss’s workshop, and in 1873 he proposed to him to start a business together.
The denim skirt is fashionable again, a piece of resistance from the ’90s that had a spectacular return to fashion in 2022. The denim skirt has been reinvented, so you can successfully include it in modern and sexy outfits. In the ’90s and early 2000s, every teenager wore at least one denim skirt, usually a mini one, always matched with a fitted T-shirt. Maybe this “uniform” brought the denim skirt a bad reputation and was ignored for many years by designers and fashionistas. But recently the denim skirt has returned in force, in completely different styles from those we were used to many years ago.

Denim Skirts In Style 2022?

So, the question is are jean skirts in style 2022? Skirts are also suitable for all ages. From baby girls to mature ladies, everyone can rock a skirt. Denim skirts are still worn and preferred in 2022, especially during spring and summer. They are absolutely outstanding pieces and will be in trends for many years from now. Do you want to buy something new and update your wardrobe? Being in the middle between two seasons, we offer you a practical fashion item for the summer, as well as for the fall-winter season. So, we’re talking about the denim skirt – the eternal classic, which you can wear with tights, sandals or sneakers. It is quite universal. Appeared in the 1970s, today, the denim skirt has become the great ally of fashionista looks. In addition, it is one of the fashion trends for fall-winter according to stylists.

Denim garments can be easily matched, in various combinations, to get a stylish look, regardless of the season. Jeans can be worn on vacation, at the office or in leisure time.
Another great advantage of denim is that it fits everyone, and you can combine it in many variants to get the desired combination.

Denim mini skirt – If you have long and gorgeous legs, then this type of skirt will definitely suit you very well. This is one of the easiest ways to show off your pretty legs. If you want to create that nostalgic look, or rather romantic, then it is better to pair a cardigan with a denim skirt with sexy buttons and buttons, such as heeled sandals, lace pumps or attractive gladiators.

Cloche skirt – This has the role of giving a wasp waist look. It can be worn at the office, but also at less demanding meetings. If you match it with blouses made of materials such as silk or veil and accessorize them properly, you will get an enviable, cool and youthful look.
From the wardrobe of fashion enthusiasts should not miss the denim skirt, it is a feminine and very chic piece. It can be worn in combination with an oversized thin knit blouse and a pair of clogs, or it can be matched with a kimono style cardigan and a pair of boots.

Pencil jeans skirt – Ideal for an office day, especially if it is black. You can create a fashionable outfit if you wear such a piece with a cheerful blouse, made of a vaporous material or with a plain T-shirt and a colorful blazer on top. You can wear a pair of ballerinas, espadrilles tied to the ankles or platforms.

The midi denim skirt – And yes, the denim skirt, this season, also plays an extra role. So if you are not very mini and another A-line skirt, know that the midi skirt is now settled in the fashionable urban landscape and becomes a pledge of a thoughtful and sophisticated style.

Asymmetrical denim skirt – for when you feel nonconformist. With such a skirt you don’t need too many accessories! A simple top and shoes will make this piece the centerpiece of your outfit.

The office outfit can be reinterpreted and updated at any time so as not to enter the specific monotony. This time we propose an office outfit in which the jeans skirt is the star, and the other pieces are meant to compose a perfect outfit! Casual outfits can be worn at any time of the day. They must be adapted to personal style and accessorized so that trends tend to have their say. Lightness is another key word when it comes to casual outfits, so our version is one of the most suitable.

Are Jean Skirts In Style 2022?
Are Jean Skirts In Style 2022?
Are Jean Skirts In Style 2022?

How To Wear The Denim Skirt?

The denim skirt is the garment that accompanied our childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It has existed for so many years that it now fully belongs to the stylistic landscape. However, it should not be denied that there have been many abuses concerning it. We still remember the skirt more than the mini and very low waist of the 90s-early 2000. The denim skirt is probably one of the clothes that in addition to crossing the years, offers as many cuts and colors as possible.

It is very easy for all of us to combine some jeans, very versatile and ideal for any type of occasion. Does the same thing happen with jeans skirts? The truth is that you can create a lot of great outfits with a denim skirt, both for formal and informal occasions.
With the help of a jeans skirt you can create various combinations, both informal and formal. An everyday outfit will not be the same as for a formal event. And the style between day and evening will vary.
Thus, with a single skirt, you can make a lot of combinations. For example, you can opt for shirts and blouses for more formal occasions, some beautiful shoes with heels and a jacket. Instead, if you combine the jeans skirt with a more casual T-shirt and flat boots or shoes, you will create a brilliant everyday outfit.
The length of the skirt varies depending on various factors. In addition to the occasion, it will greatly influence the shape of the body, when the right jeans skirt should be chosen. For example, for tall women, pencil skirts below the knee are recommended, while for shorter ones the ones above the knee will fit. The item above will need to be wider or you can choose a tight t-shirt, depending on the silhouette. Jeans skirts allow for various combinations.
Jeans can vary in shade or color, for example, depending on the time of year. While lighter jeans are worn in summer, in winter you can opt for dark blue or gray and beige jeans skirts.
The truth is that the material of jeans or denim combines with all colors and prints. Thus, you can combine a denim skirt with simple t-shirts of any color you want or with a printed clothing item.
The combination of a denim skirt with a pair of heeled pants depends on many factors. In addition to the type of event – given that in the case of formal ones you should always wear heeled pants, you should also take into account where you go, how many hours you will have to spend standing, how long you resist on heels.
If you know in advance that you will not feel comfortable with heels, opt for flat shoes that combine with a denim skirt. You can even opt for sports shoes. There is also the option to use both options. When you get tired of heels, you can change into flat shoes.
As you can see, the jeans skirt can be combined with various interesting items. If you still don’t have a denim skirt in your wardrobe, I recommend you buy one, and try to make chic combinations. Remember that denim is fashionable this season!

Various shades of denim

Dark denim looks elegant, and combines easily with lighter pieces. Light denim, or shades of gray, may seem slightly more rebellious, but your wardrobe requires them!
If you want to be a lady or go on a date, heels are a great choice. The legs will look longer, and a denim skirt will help you create this impression. For free time, however, bet on sneakers / sneakers, which suddenly turn an elegant skirt into a stylish casual piece.

Choose your denim skirt well

The cut – There are many cuts: mini, midi, skater, trapeze, pencil, long… This is also one of the main assets of the denim skirt: there are all ages, body types and tastes. Know that these cuts will always be timeless. It is better not to go to all possible skirts imaginable, but rather to models that you can wear over time.

It is not doing you a favor to push yourself into an unrestrained consumption in which you will lose money, time, well-being and which in the end could distance you from your deepest aspirations.
On the other hand, if a year you flash on the pearls, for example, nothing prevents you from buying a model, but being a strong piece that you will probably wear a season or two, do not invest a big budget for this piece.

Color – The timeless will be denim blue, raw blue, gray, white and black. In the summer you can bet on pastel colors or shades. Autumn, burgundy, persimmon or mustard can be interesting shades. Do not combine color models: you will get tired of them more easily. If you were to own only one model or even two, it is towards denim blue or raw that you will have to orient yourself. The denim blue offers a more relaxed side, the more sophisticated raw. It is up to you to decide according to your style but also your desires. Note that it is more obvious to wear rough in summer and winter.

A skirt for every age

The denim skirt at 20 years old – At this age, you can wear all models provided you respect your body type. This is also a good time to orient yourself towards the short and ripped models. Your skirt will be easily worn with pieces from the sportswear register such as sneakers or even the sweatshirt. Don’t lock yourself into overly classic looks. If you don’t dare at your age, you probably never will. If you wear a T-shirt with your skirt, for example, choose an offset T-shirt (message, print, texture)… Bet on accessories such as backpacks, fun glasses or jewelry.

The denim skirt at 30 years old – At 30 years old, you will have to improve your look. The idea is to readjust your style so that it does not discredit you. Thirties sign a new era, the girl becomes a young woman and you will be able to express it through your outfits. However, do not lock yourself into a too wise look. For example, you can wear a quirky T-shirt, but rather than draw a blue denim skirt, choose the raw blue and swap the mini for a sheath or midi skirt. No need to change your entire wardrobe, just opt for different combinations by mixing quirky and sophisticated pieces.

The denim skirt at 40 years old – The models that are best suited are those that stop just above the knee or the sheath models. At the top, run away from black or white. Bring color. The color brings pep’s to your outfit, but also youth to your face. It’s the best anti-wrinkle. However, poorly made materials no longer have a place in your wardrobe. Sneakers are not prohibited on the feet, on the contrary. They will modernize your style and provide comfort that you will not be able to do without.

The denim skirt at 50 and over – At 50, we forget about the washes and put on a classic or raw blue. We don’t hesitate to add a little jacket (the famous third piece) that will finalize the look. The length of the skirt should at least be just above the knees. Skirts that are too short create an offset and can unexpectedly age further. Do not hesitate to bet on strong pieces accessories which will be easier to wear than a “strong piece” garment. You have the colors, the colorful jewelry … The trick is to combine classic and modernity.

Wear the denim skirt 2022 according to the seasons

Spring – Spring is the return of sunny days and the outfits are normally lighter. Blouses, blouses, sweatshirts, fine sweaters … will be your allies. At the feet, derbies, sneakers, moccasins, in short all the shoes adapted to the season. Note that you can wear pumps or wedges with your skirt as long as it is not mini because you can quickly sink into excess.

Summer – This is probably the easiest season to wear the denim skirt. No tights and jacket, so less risky combinations. In addition, you have a large choice of color: from light blue to denim blue, white, pastel and flashy colors (raspberry, emerald…). You can wear it with all your summer tops: T-shirt, tank top, crop top.

Autumn – In autumn, you can look with a hat, a folk shirt and ankle boots! Opt for the trapeze cut that allows this style register. Take out the burgundy, mustard or even fir green blouses because it’s the right time.

Winter – Choose wool tights. The ecru or burgundy tights are very suitable for blue skirts. At the top, a big loose wool sweater or a cashmere sweater. Rather than boots, opt for ankle boots whose rendering further modernizes your look.

Are Jean Skirts In Style 2022?
Are Jean Skirts In Style 2022?
Are Jean Skirts In Style 2022?
Are Jean Skirts In Style 2022?

I’m sure you probably have a denim skirt hidden somewhere in a corner of the closet, which you haven’t touched in a long time because it seems too old-fashioned. First of all, if it’s somehow the kind of denim skirt with ruffles, it’s best to leave it there, well hidden in the closet, and possibly give it as a gift to your face when she turns 12 years old. But if there is a denim pencil skirt in your wardrobe, or a cloche skirt, even with buttons in front, that will reach at least a palm above the knee, if not below, find out that there are several ways in which you can style it to create one of the most current looks.
A denim skirt will always look great with a simple white shirt, possibly male-inspired. Wear a pencil skirt with a pair of stiletto shoes with a pointed toe and accessorize it with a pair of wide bracelets, with a design as structural as possible.

You can wear it successfully even at work, and for a cocktail party with friends after work, make sure you have a statement necklace at hand – it will automatically transfer your office outfit to a cocktail one.
For a super stylish look at trends, wear a straight denim skirt with a denim shirt, in a lighter shade. Denim with denim is one of the hottest fashion trends this year. But be careful when wearing more denim pieces, so as not to slip too much in the western / country area. Give up any kind of wooden accessories, feathers, fringes or other pieces that make you think of the Wild West. Accessorize the outfit with a simple brown belt, stiletto shoes or ankle boots and a large handbag. You can replace the shirt with a wider white T-shirt (boyfriend T-shirt).
Avoid: no matter what type of skirt you choose to wear, always make sure it is not too short, unless you are 17 years old, and avoid wearing it with tight T-shirts, so as not to fall into the ridiculous area. Even if it’s summer, wear tight T-shirts with straps only under shirts or cardigans, or reserve them for weekends spent in bed.

Types of outfits

The jeans skirt is a classic piece of clothing, easy to integrate into many types of outfits. It was born in the 70’s, 30 years later than pants made of the same famous material. At first, denim skirts were long and simple, made of pairs of worn jeans, in order to recycle and reduce waste. These were worn, in particular, by the hippie community. Gradually, in the 1980s, skirts began to become shorter and shorter and to be accessorized with fringes, appliqués, lace and even imitations of precious stones. One of the most commonly worn models had buttons on the front, which could be opened at will. Today, the denim skirt can be found in countless variants, designed by both fast fashion brands and well-known brands, such as Chanel or Gucci. If you want to wear the skirt more often and you need a little inspiration, here are some cool outfit ideas that you can easily approach!

Oversized jeans skirt and jacket – Not long after the appearance of denim skirts in 1986, the major trend of those times was oversized clothing. Denim clothing was no exception. So, if your idea makes you smile, you can wear your favorite denim skirt with an oversized jacket, also made of blue, black or even colored denim. If you don’t want to wear an all denim outfit, you can also choose a leather jacket, a pair of mesh tights and a pair of cool boots, to outline a rebellious and very comfortable look.

Jeans skirts worn over tights – Since the 1990s, women have been wearing a versatile denim skirt over trousers. Gwen Stefani is one of the artists who carried this trend at that time. Later, in the 2000s, the denim skirt was so popular that women began to wear it regardless of the season, over tights or tights of different colors. You can also adopt this type of unique outfit, with a skirt of medium length jeans and a pair of thinner or thicker tights, depending on the weather outside. Combine everything with a pair of knee-high boots and a long-sleeved blouse. If you like cheerful shades and want to experiment with bolder outfits, wear colorful tights, simple or with prints, along with a high-waisted, A-shaped jeans skirt, above the knees.

Jeans skirt in elegant and feminine outfits – Although it is often associated with casual outfits, the jeans skirt can also be worn in slightly more stylish, feminine and refined outfits. For this type of appearance, choose a pencil skirt, simple, with buttons on the front or even with a deep slit. The ideal is navy blue or even black denim. Wear this denim skirt with a uni briefcase, a fine sweater or a blouse made of a delicate material, which will benefit your body shape. In terms of footwear, you can choose a pair of black or brown leather boots, up to the knees or just above them, with medium heels or flat soles. Don’t forget tights or thin tights! Accessorize the outfit with a suitable bag and a stylish trench coat, and if you want to add jewelry, add a pair of earrings or a gold or silver necklace.