Are Floral Dresses In Style 2021

Between us and the flower dress is a shared love that lasts for many years, long before we know what those trends and trends are in fashion. We love the flower dress long before we know what style suits us. We always love flower dresses.

Why do we love flowers painted on the dress?

Maybe because we associate them with all the essence of femininity and delicacy. Because it brings out the most beautiful side of us. In the flowered dress we are in the formula closest to the fairy tale.

If we put on a bolero, a jacket, a scarf, shawl or cardigan, that will be categorically in a neutral, simple color, without any print. We don’t load the land with massive jewelry. Ideally, we should not wear anything at all when wearing flowered dresses. The shoes are either in a color inspired by the flowers found on the dress, or naked. The most suitable prints for the cold season are those on a dark colored background, however, in the spring and summer the flowers look great on a white or pastel dress.

Floral Dresses and trench
If the dress is short, combine it with a long cardigan for the male and the dress. If you want to make this combination with a knee-length dress or with a palm over your knees, combine it with a thin material braid in a pale color. Accessorize with a wide waist strap, a scarf that you let hang tight around the neck and wear thick heeled sandals.

Flower-lined dress with oversized hat
Also an urban look and yet glamorous is the combination of the flowered dress with a short vest and the choice as an accessory statement of an oversized hat. On cooler days instead of a vest you can think of wearing a short blazer. You can already wear the popular boot-sandals and take an envelope as a purse.

Floral Dresses and wide belt
If you count yourself among the happy wasp waist, you can adopt the following, slightly theatrical look: the blooming dress accessorized with a corset wide belt. The look is Alexander McQueen’s so if you go to a fashion festival you will definitely come out with all kinds of positive … opinions.

Floral Dresses and flower necklace
At first glance you would say that if you put more flowers on the flowered dress would be too much, but it is not so. Indeed, a garment would be too much, but some accessories like a flower necklace would even complete the outfit. Besides booties, sandals with platforms you can also think of wearing boots, possibly made of leather and fringed for a more boho-sic look.

Are Floral Dresses In Style
Are Floral Dresses In Style
Are Floral Dresses In Style
Are Floral Dresses In Style

White dress with floral motifs – Are you preparing for a wedding and planning to wear a white dress with a floral print? When choosing shoes, rely on metallic heeled sandals in a shade of silver – both daylight and artificial light. Suitable heel type for:

– the sandals with thin heel thin the silhouette and give you a chic look, thus being perfect for family events and romantic meetings;

– sandals with thick heel give you stability, they are ideal for weddings and dance parties.

Complete the outfit with a handbag with a chain strap. Pay attention to the details that should be in a shade of silver, matching the shoes. In an outfit with floral motifs and metallic shoes, choose delicate bags and accessories. In this case the dress and shoes must play the main role in the outfit.

What shoes do we choose for long dresses with floral motifs – The massive shoes started to be matched with light dresses with subtle prints already last summer. Fashion bloggers fell in love with this trend and started wearing massive sneakers and dresses, especially midi or maxi, with floral motifs. The Balenciaga fashion house was the first to present these ugly sport shoes, which were quickly categorized as ugly due to their large size.