Are Boho Dress In Style 2022

Boho dresses – the perfect choice

During the last season, stylists decided to draw the attention of modern fashion to the boho style, which appeared in the nineteenth century. The hobo style dress appears not only on fashion catwalks, but also in Street style. Due to its originality and the unification of several styles in one image, the direction has gained admirers and it seems that for a long time. So, are boho dress in style 2022?
The style is quite multilateral. Clear lines or simple shapes cannot be found here. The priority is the volume of the silhouette. This effect can be achieved due to the principle of layering in clothes. Basically, the boho dress has a burnt cut, which gives it a flying silhouette.

The boho style is a versatile and appreciated trend since the ‘70s, when it actually appeared, which is an indisputable expression of freedom, of optimism. The Boho Chic style, in essence, is good for any woman, for any type of silhouette. However, you must follow the rules and not be fooled by the fact that this style means throwing colorful clothes at random on yourself. If the hippies of yesteryear could afford to dress as much as they could, boho chic has another essence, a freedom of clothing that can be studied as much as possible, keeping the root of ethnic and traditional clothes. Whether it’s sun or rain outside, a dress from Iiana will make you create your own style and present, like a book, an authentic boho outfit.

If you are heading to the beach and the sea and you want to look back, boho dresses are the perfect choice.
Smooth, comfortable cuts. Boho chic inspiration. Lightweight, lightweight materials. Bohemian, feminine, colorful prints. And all with the scent of vacation, relaxation, re connection with you, friends and nature. Boho dresses are extremely popular this season, and can be easily adapted to an urban outfit. They have light cuts, are comfortable and easy to accessorize.
They can be worn both at a themed party and at other events if they are properly accessorized. The models are created especially for the woman who wants an alternative to the traditional style.

How to wear a bohemian dress

Ultra trendy, the bohemian dress is distinguished by its light and fluid side. At the beach, in town or at a party, any occasion is good to dress up in this magnificent piece of clothing.

– Boho is the abbreviation for bohemian or bohemian in Romanian. It is also called boho chic, hippie or sometimes even retro. A boho style also implies a boho attitude, relaxed, friendly with nature.

– The boho chic dress has a light cut, with ruffles, three-quarter sleeves, puffs and sometimes comes accompanied by ethno motifs, embroidery or lace. The materials are fluid, from aerated linen to canvas.

– The boho chic dress can be worn both with heels, but also with low boots, cowboy boots, sneakers and especially lace-up sandals. Do not unnecessarily load the outfit, the dress itself is an appearance.

– The usual accessories should be gold for the boho chic dress, hats, bags with long straps, bracelets and even sunglasses, all are a must have.

– The hair must have a relaxed air, straight or maybe curly, but never too carefully studied. Hair accessories are also recommended, crowned with flowers or head jewelry will look great.

– Boho Chic dresses can be worn successfully at various times of the day. If you add a jacket you can take it to the office, if you lower it on your shoulders it turns into the perfect dress for a romantic date, and if you change the heels with the sneakers you are ready for a day of shopping. Versatile right?

The long bohemian dress

The long bohemian dress is the ideal piece to wear during special occasions. Its fluid cut and length camouflage your small imperfections. To compose a chic outfit, a long black dress is perfect. Combine it with flat sandals or pumps. Do you want to sport a decidedly feminine look? Opt for a dress with a side slit or a wrap cut. In addition, for your outings in the city or your walks on the beach, a long patterned dress will sublimate you. Many also appreciate white dresses. To emphasize the light and comfortable side of the boho style, pair the dress with flat sandals or a pair of low top sneakers. For a faultless, ban the stiletto heels. If you want to show off an elegant look, beautiful pumps will suffice.

Are Boho Dress In Style 2022
Are Boho Dress In Style 2022

The short bohemian dress

A must-have in the feminine wardrobe, the short bohemian dress can be worn in summer as in winter. Flattering all body types, it is ideal for highlighting your legs. It is particularly recommended for women of small stature, because its cut lengthens the silhouette. To compose a young vintage outfit, bet on lace models or floral prints. In summer, the short bohemian dress ensures a beautiful composition with sneakers, flat shoes or even pumps. In cold weather, pair it with a pair of tights, ankle boots or over the knee boots. As for colors, you have the choice between floral or ethnic prints. Plain models are also in fashion.

Are Boho Dress In Style 2022
Are Boho Dress In Style 2022


The bohemian dress can be worn everywhere. At the beach, at work, in town or in the evening, this trendy piece will sublimate you for any occasion. You just need to choose the right accessories to achieve the desired effect. For a casual summer look, add a chambray or crochet top to your outfit. On the other hand, in winter, combine it with a jacket or cardigan. Depending on the model, the bohemian dress can also be worn with a trench coat to create a trendy office outfit. Accessories also play an important role in the success of your bohemian look. Depending on the circumstances, you can complete your outfit with a large hat, turban, scarf or headbands. Sunglasses are essential accessories to complete a beach look. As for jewelry, the choice is varied: Arabic rings, Mexican bracelets or African necklaces. As for bags, tote bags or large bags will be perfect.


Many designers choose natural materials for their collections. Boho style dress, from the last week of fashion, made mainly of linen, silk, wool, velvet. But this does not mean that synthetic materials cannot be used to create clothes in this style. Such things become affordable, and their appearance is not inferior to elegant collectible models.

Our bohemian outfit ideas

Now that you know the history of the bohemian style, here are some outfit ideas you can wear with your bohemian chic dress:
Wear your bohemian long dress with metallic gladiator sandals, some floral embellishments, and lots of jewelry. All in simplicity, but a formidable bohemian outfit.
If bright colors don’t appeal to you so much. Try solid colors such as brown, beige, or any other earth color. Pair it with a leather jacket, flats, and some minimal jewelry to complete the look.
Go for a bohemian white summer dress with low-cut shoulders, paired with airy ankle boots and plenty of silver jewelry, preferably bracelets that hang in your arms. You can complete the look with a flower crown if you want to play the hippie card to the fullest!

How to wear the bohemian-chic trend – It is never too late to adopt a trend that takes you out of your comfort zone… Believe us! This season, hippie inspiration, mixed with folk influences and a touch of aristocracy, has led to a trend that transposes us to the glory period of the ’70s. So, you can start by wearing sumptuous clothing with colorful floral prints and embroidery. But remember – the basic chromatic consists of earth tones. And I’m absolutely convinced that you remembered some cool clothes and accessories that you already have in your wardrobe. Choose to combine such pieces to get a cool look, consisting of a dress with an oversized cut, over which you can put an artificial fur. In this way, you will be thermally insured, and you will look super stylish at the same time! Ah, I was going to forget: you must not miss heeled shoes! I know for sure that you have learned so far that the accessories are meant to complete our outfit and define it. Because you already know that you need to consider the following: sunglasses or eyeglasses with oversized frame, jewelry made of wood, colored stones or gold, bags that stand out and a pair of chic shoes. Because you are a fan of strong colors and abstract prints, opt for a hippie outfit, strongly inspired by the ’70s. It will make you look like time travel and that nothing you wear has gone out of style (and it really is). And, obviously, the final accent will be given by a coat with artificial fur and blue tights.

Whether you combine your favorite prints or wear earthy tones from head to toe, you can have great fun creating and wearing your own boho chic autumn and even winter outfits. Accessorize the maxi and midi dresses with belts, hats, scarves and boots to complete the look. You will be feminine, free and beautiful, and you will certainly not go unnoticed!