Are Backpacks Still In Style 2020

Backpacks 2020 are in style?

Until a few years ago, the backpack was only found behind schoolchildren, students and sometimes passionate about nature trips. Few were the people who looked at the backpacks as a chic accessory with much potential in terms of versatility.

But there was a revival of fashion that quickly introduced the backpack to the top of fashion trends. As a result, it is now very easy to find a casual lady backpack in different shapes and designs, with attractive design and affordable price.

This revival of fashion has spread very quickly and the backpack is increasingly present on the streets, on Instagram, among celebrities but also fashion lovers alike. Season after season, the backpack has remained in the top of the trends and will definitely remain.

But there are many people who do not have much experience with this tendency, and therefore choosing a backpack may seem a little overwhelming. It has immense popularity, and dozens of styles are available on the market. With little effort and a little research, the perfect backpack can be found depending on the style and personality of the buyer.

Short guide with which anyone can find the perfect backpack much faster:


A first detail that must be considered is the budget available for this purchase. By establishing a budget, the list of offers of online stores can be filtered according to the available budget, thus saving valuable time.   It should be noted that the backpacks are not very expensive. Also, investing in a fashionable backpack is not recommended at all. The fashion for backpacks is changing, and a generous investment in a fashionable backpack now might prove to be not very smart and that’s because that backpack might become outdated next season. It is more important that the backpack chosen matches the personality and style of the buyer. Nor is it recommended to invest in a backpack that belongs to a very famous brand, because in this case it pays too much for marketing and less for the product itself. For a much lower price you can find a backpack as high quality, but belonging to a brand not very popular.


The backpacks no longer have to be large and bulky. They now come in a multitude of sizes, and when choosing the size you have to have in mind the way the backpack will be used. Medium-sized backpacks are the most popular because they offer spacious interiors without being too unsightly and weird. The mini backpacks are very chic and trendy, but they have limited storage capacity, so this may not be the best option for that type of face that carries a lot of things.


Having a good understanding of the aesthetic, it will be easier to choose the most suitable style of the backpack desired. This is why a detailed analysis of the clothing items in the wardrobe is recommended in order to be able to get an idea of ​​the backpack’s appearance that suits the personality of the buyer.    

Why choose backpacks instead of bags?

If you are a business women, work in a corporation or teacher, in most cases choose an elegant handbags to fit the dress code imposed by the workplace, women working in a more relaxed environment, students or even housewives definitely choose ladies backpacks for comfort. Here are the main advantages of wearing a backpack: First of all, it’s about bone health. Worn on both shoulders, a ladies backpack will be much more comfortable for the spine, requiring the correct back position to be maintained. In the case of bags, due to wearing on one side, in one hand, the position of the body will suffer, as well as the column and the shoulders of the wearer. Second, a ladies backpack is an appropriate accessory on several occasions. Whether it’s a busy day at work that will require more travel, you simply put your rocket in the back and you can move around freely. For the holidays, when it is absolutely necessary to visit as many tourist sights, the backpack is the friend of the women, leaving their hands free for photos and selfies. Third, the simplest and most obvious reason why the backpacks are worn this season is because they are in trend. Celebrities, bloggers and influencers wear them both to be fashionable, but also because they are extremely practical. Of course, the choice depends very much on the style of each one. And corporate women can wear backpacks outside of work hours, but they have already created a style that they can hardly get out of. In fact, for each individual person, comfort can mean everything and everything else. In any case, the choice of bag or backpack should be made according to well thought out criteria and only at the end according to trends.