Ankle Boots Spring 2021

Ankle boots became a basic piece in our wardrobe. We are so used to wearing them, ignore that wow effect that we can bring in our outfits. Indeed no matter the season they are amazing if the weather allows you to wear it.
True, boots or ankle boots can be casual, elegant or edgy so it is important to choose the right model. Another factor to be taken into account when you wear a pair of short boots, is linked to your silhouette. Be careful, because ankle boots can make you look shorter than you are or if you have long legs and thin to you exaggerate this feature.

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Invest in classic boots with heels or without leather that you could wear it intensively with skirts or dress pants. Besides convenience, some boots seem very flattering for those with very wide leg that will create the optical impression of narrowness. Browse boots with semi-long nose, rounded snout possibly darker than the rest of his boot. With or without heels, casual or office environment ankle boots are a more elegant than the shoe lace and comfortable than heels.

Avoid wearing flat boots straight corduroy or even three-quarters of a different color than the boots are especially if you are mignon. The impression that see you standing is short, even shorter than they really are. The horizontal lines created by the edges of the pants and boots “will cut” optical.

Depending on your body shape:

Petite and slender

If you have a petite and slender body, then it’s better to go on a model with a little heel. Patterned boots that reveals as much of the ankle, have the disadvantage of your short legs.

Mignon forms

Do you intuit personal style and adapt it short boots, it is a talent. For a body shapes suggest you choose a model with a sharp tip to give you the effect of lengthening the silhouette. It combines skirts (which stop just before the knees) and avoid too long gowns with this kind of ice.

With forms

A woman who is tall and has forms, do not have to worry about the height department but must take care how thick may seem foot. Avoid wearing boots ankle cuff, chains or other details that draw attention to the calf. Capri pants or jeans with tapered line goes well with simple models of short boots. As well it might look a semi voluminous dress or long tunic with matt black tights.


If you’re tall and have a mannequin measures you should not make too much worries. The options for choosing a pair of short boots are without modesty endless. But this freedom comes with a price, combining attention to the clothes.