2021 PARKA

Many of you are familiar with parka jackets, but allows us to remind you that a parka is actually a long jacket, which may come down to the knee, with a hood.
It is a jacket very on trend in the last years. That’s because it is not only very warm but also very chic. So, indeed, that are a lot of models for all tastes. Its versatility is also an important feature for sure. You can easily combine it with various clothing pieces no matter your age or your personal style. Worth to say that a parka, you can wear it anytime, no matter your day to day activities.
Most of the fashion specialists stated that a parka is the most appropriate outerwear to protect you from cold. Eskimos have invented this type of coat, for that reason, to protect you from cold. The hood has a major importance, also that is very clear.
From all the available outerwears from the market for the cold season, a parka has been probably the best choice ever. It is so useful in many situations. A leather jacket, a denim jacket are fantastic pieces for any men’s wardrobe, and also they are very useful also in winter, but of the outside temperatures are very low, then the best solution is a parka.

A modern parka will always upgrade your look that is for clear. Comfortable, warm and very chic, most of the parka designs come with nice and warm hood embellished with fur and, of course cozy pockets. Wear it all day, no matter we are talking about your job, a walk, a day spent it at a bar, a shopping session, running for some errands. So, yes, wear it because it is very comfortable protects you very nice against cold, wind, snow and rain.

Parka is also, a fantastic investment because is never go out of style and always will be on trend, so you can wear it many years from now.

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Men’s Arctic Parka DF is a wonderful and qualitative parka for gents. You can wear it in such various ways and situations. Of course that is for sure a pure sign that we are seriously talking about a versatile parka.

Canada Goose Ontario Parka

parkas 2018

Here we are talking about a very warm parka coat for gents. A fine and interesting choice for a generous budget.

Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka Coat
parkas for men 2018

This jacket is insanely big and warm. A truly fantastic coat. Is the perfect coat for hard winters. This coat meets or exceeds expectations on all fronts. Expensive but you really do get what you pay for.

Canada Goose Men’s Skreslet Parka

parka for man 2018

This is warm, excellently constructed. Between the zipper and velcro closing, it’s perfect. Comfortable, lightweight, warm, super quality.

Woolrich Men’s Arctic Parka
parka for men 2018

Woolrich Men’s Arctic Parka is an interesting piece, at a very good price. This outerwear is great also for snow, worth to notice it’s wonderful quality fur, which may be anger some people, but there are always other models to choose for.

Columbia Catacomb Crest Parka
2018 mens parka

This a nice and versatile parka, great for many situations. It has also great features like: adjustable, snap back powder skirt, Zippered chest pocket, Ski pass pocket, interior security pocket and adjustable sleeve cuffs.

Fjallraven Men’s Arktis Parka
best mens parka 2018

This is a quality parka coat. Notice that it is also bulky and heavy, so if this is meant to be a fashion parka look elsewhere. For sure it is designed for a purpose and delivers perfectly on that one.

Helly Hansen Men’s Urban Parka

gents parka 2018

With a very good report value for the money, Helly Hansen Men’s Urban Parka is an excellent choice for any men.

A parka is great because it works great in combination with a lot of other outfit pieces. Try any kind of possible combination:

– with jeans, you will manage to feel very comfy
– with jeans and cardigan
– with sneakers, yes, if outside is not snow or something like that is a very nice combo, why not…
– with boots, well, yes, of course, that is a nice casual combination
– with different other pieces, indeed, this coat always seems to be a very nice option, and very important it allows you to have layers. This is so important, when we are talking about a winter outerwear. Parka is a very good choice, perfect for winter.

Be creative when you choose the combination, but do not worry too much, it allows you a lot of fantastic moves due to its great versatility. You just have to give it a chance, and you will be surprised by its qualities.