Winter Coats 2020 Trends

When choosing winter clothing, consider lifestyle and exposure to outdoor temperatures. If in the morning the car is waiting for you in front of the house, in the office parking is underground and you have no way to do during the day, you can choose a not very thick coat, possibly a gown type, which is only caught at the waist with a cord or a short jacket, a peacock-coat that closely follows the lines of the body without tightening, because you will not wear many layers of clothing underneath. If you are active, you go and bring your kids to school, shop or go by public transport, choose a warm, quilted jacket with a fluffy inside pocket with a hood and pockets, and slightly wider that will give you allows you to make wider movements and will be more permissive with small accidents. Think and what you prefer to wear under the winter coat: skirts and dresses will look better along with coats and longer jackets, from knees to mid-calf. If you do not get out of your jeans, head to aviator jackets, peacock coats or other short coats.

The warmest winter jackets can also be very trendy if you can include them in inspired outfits.

Wear winter park in rock & grunge outfits

The recipe is very simple. For grunge style you need any pair of jeans (apart from the fancy), a pair of boots, men’s shoes or even Chelsea boots and, last but not least, a thick shirt in red and black plaids. For rock outfit, you can reach leather trousers, black jeans, cargo pants, boots and sweatshirts or sweaters.

The minimalist models fit in austere designs

If you want to wear something unusual to differentiate yourself from the rest of the winter jackets, you can approach a minimalist pattern cut from a mix of materials. You can wear it in austere creations along with long wool skirts, oversized sweaters and denim pieces.

What criteria should you consider when buying a winter jacket?

– the climate and the environment we live in;
– winter jacket destination (where we wear it);
– impermeability;
– how hot it is;
– resistance of closing systems and seams;
– the producer;
– size;
– the length;
– the price.

The layering system is highly recommended in the winter, so this means:

– body clothing (both blouse and body pants) made of natural or synthetic materials with the ability to rapidly sweat removal first, after which the keeping of heat emanating from the body
– Intermediate layer, which usually means filling or polar
– winter jacket and pants with high wind resistance and waterproof

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Winter Coats For Women 2020

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Winter Coats For Women 2020