Smartwatches For Men 2018

Luckily, at this time, smartwatches are very present in the market. They are very popular and various companies are striving to release new and interesting models.

ASUS Smartwatch
ASUS Smartwatch 2018

This is a versatile and nice smartwatch from Asus. Worth to know that is a great wellness manager, you can easily measure your heart rate, calories burned, exercise intensity.

Michael Kors Mkt 5001 Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch
2017 smartwatch

A real nice surprise from Michael Kors brand. It is without question, probably one of the best looking smartwatches from the market.

Nixon Mission Smartwatch

smartwatch 2017

This wonderful smartwatch is equipped with a preloaded application and streamlines real time weather condition. It is a fantastic watch, with fabulous design, great software and looks like a diving watch.

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch
best smartwatch 2017

If you want to be on trend and to stay connected with everything is new, Samsung Gear S is the best solution. A perfect choice that is for sure.

Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen
2017 amazing smartwatch

An outstanding smartwatch compatible with most Aple & iOS, and Android devices.

Sony Smartwatch for Android 4.3
smartwatch for men 2017

A truly fine piece with such fantastic features:
– voice commands
– ambient light sensors

Fossil Q Marshal Display Leather Touchscreen Smartwatch
best 2017 smart watch

Marshall is a cool and good looking smartwatch. It is very quality in its materials and also it has a wonderful design.

Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Smartwatches MKT 5010

perfect smartwatch 2017

First of all it is a very good looking smartwatch. Indeed it has a perfect design, very futuristic, but at the very same time it respects the usual lines. Worth to say that it is also a fashionable accessory. Well, yes, it is a fine piece, a very trendy one actually. Versatility is another tremendous feature for this watch. It not only looks nice but also you can easily wear it all day long no matter the places you are.