Capri Pants 2019

Invented by Sonja de Lennart in 1948, Capri pants are a type of pants that stop over the ankle. The main reasons why women find it difficult to wear is that they can shorten the leg and the truth is that all women want to have longer legs. So, the number one rule for wearing this type of trousers is if you have short legs, or you do not want to wear such trousers or at least wear them with some high heels.

Capri pants can be found in different styles, from skinny pants to large pants, as well as in many different colors and designs. A combination that you can never deceive is to wear the heels with a short top and heels.
Capri’s trousers were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, thanks to well-known public figures such as Audrey Hepburn and then the young actress Mary Tyler Moore who wore this garment in various film roles. The truth is that the Capri pants have returned with different styles and materials as needed.
The essence of the Capri trousers is lengthy and therefore it is necessary to know that they do not have a standard measure, that is, the length can always vary, in addition, this must be adapted to the needs of your body.
The ideal measurement for goat pants is right in the middle of the calf. The fact that fashion is cyclical does not mean that you do not have to update the closet when a trend returns, it is usually reinvented with new details, cuts and styles so that your grandmother’s reused clothes do not always work. Try to pay attention to the cut of the pants, because if they are very tight, the legs will look unsightly.

In the right combination, with a lot of inspiration from you, Capri pants could be a very nice solution for a woman.

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